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About Us

APSM was founded in 1992 as a consulting firm assisting companies with the newly formed OSHA Process Safety Management regulations.  APSM initially focused on the performance of technical studies such as PHA’s, audits and developing hard copy documentation and training records to facilities across the country.  In 1999, the EPA Risk Management Plan regulations were passed, and APSM also prepared and submitted RMP plans.  Throughout this process, APSM employed programmers and designed custom PSM/RMP management software to better facilitate communications between APSM consultants and our clients.  APSM continues to advance the capabilities of the ControlCenter software suite which helps companies manage the PSM and RMP regulations by sending reminders and notifications to keep operators and managers on top of the required elements of any PSM/RMP program all while fine tuning their abilities to perform PHA’s, audits, and technical studies.  APSM has also coordinated projects with contractors throughout the country and have developed allies with many of the major organizations in the industrial refrigeration industry.  With over 15 years of experience, the employees and consultants at APSM can help your company manage its PSM/RMP programs more efficiently.