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The ControlCenter PSM software suite is designed to help operators and management maintain their PSM/RMP programs in a fully compliant status. The following items are included in the software package to assist operators and managers in the documentation and tracking of your PSM/RMP program.

Collection and Organization of Process Safety Information (PSI):

Organize and view all of the required PSI information in one easy library online.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA):

The PHA tools online allow you to complete, rank, track, and revalidate any PHA. The ControlCenter tools will create tasks necessary to complete the recommendations so that no action items fall through the cracks.

Implementation Schedule Checklist:

Audit tools which allow you to complete the necessary compliance audits and track the recommendations and even print compliance reports.

Development of PSM/RMP Documentation:

Online documentation will be completely current and dynamic. Document history and revision history is also available for managers to review any changes. Corporate PSM/RMP coordinators can create or authorize a set of standard PSM manuals, forms, inspections and policies and then make them available to each location which would ensure consistency and standardization.

Compliance Software Tools:

SOP/TOS Development tools within the Equipment Information Manager allow you to create a database for all of the equipment at your facility. The ControlCenter will also notify you of any potential non-compliance issues and warnings will be sent in a regular email. The compliance tools also make the process of SOP certification hassle free. Certified SOP’s are also stamped with an electronic signature when reviewed and certified.

Online Training/LMS System:

The training system is fully customizable and allows trainers to designate which training is required for employees by any number of group options. You can generate training reports for an employee, a plant, or a company. The training program can be used from everything from PSM/RMP to ergonomics and food safety.

Maintenance/Mechanical Integrity System:

With the ControlCenter you can schedule work orders, inspections, reminders, or preventative maintenance tasks all from the same website that manages your PSM/RMP documentation using industry standard inspection forms. All inspections completed within the site are automatically filed into the equipment information manager for easy access during an audit, or review of equipment.

Management Tools:

Calendar/Reminder System, Gap Analysis Tool, Employee/Trainee Directory, Site Management, etc.allow managers on both the plant level and the corporate level to monitor usage, training, revision history, reminders, and all PSM/RMP documentation and any one of a company’s locations.


Online Forms such as Management of Change (MOC), Incident Investigation, PSSR, Hot Work Permit, Contractor Evaluation, Emergency Action Response etc. are imbedded permits that can be completed online. These forms are automatically linked to the PSM documentation removing the need for tedious printing and filing. Facilities can also provide access to their contractors so that forms requiring their signatures or input can be included.