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Forever in Compliance Program

The Forever-in-Compliance program is a package designed to create a partnership between your company and ours in which APSM agrees to keep your company in compliance.  Elements of this program include unlimited access to the ControlCenter software suite described on the software page in addition to the following ongoing consulting services:

  • Onsite PHA update/study (revalidation) every 5 years, following the original Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), as required by PSM/RMP
  • Off Site Consequence Analysis and RMP Report filing every 5 years as required by PSM/RMP regulations
  • Onsite Triennial audit of the PSM/RMP Program at as required by PSM/RMP regulations.  Ongoing consulting activities including Incident Investigation assistance, Management of Change (MOC) assistance, ongoing training on PSM/RMP principles and software training/configuration
  • Regular meetings in order to assist in tracking ongoing PSM/RMP compliance activities and requirements (e.g., Contractor Qualification, PHA recommendation completion, MOC activities, Incident Investigation assistance, and ongoing training on PSM/RMP principles and software training/configuration.)
  • APSM agrees to oversee ongoing PSM/RMP projects and ensure that the PSM/RMP program is kept up to date and that notifications are made concerning deadlines/priority dates.