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Program Development

For new or modified facilities requiring compliance, APSM will guide you during the development of the Risk Management Plan (RMP) and Process Safety Management program and its associated documentation according to Program Level 2 or 3 requirements. This PSM/RMP development would include all elements described below:

Hazard Assessment/Offsite Consequence Analysis (OCA):  Worst Case and Alternative Case release scenario air dispersion calculations with identification of public receptors, mapping and residential population estimation.

Collection and Organization of Process Safety Information (PSI):  PSI including Piping & Instrumentation Drawing(s) (P&IDs) and Block Flow Diagram, Relief System Design Calculation, Ventilation System Calculation, Materials of Construction, Process Chemistry, Electrical Classification, etc. would be organized and compiled into the appropriate sections.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) of Ammonia Process:

Study which analyzes the ammonia process for potential release hazards, documents existing safety systems in place, and recommends improvement where deemed necessary.   This study is to be revalidated every 5 years and updated in the event of any significant changes to the ammonia process as required by Management of Change regulations.

Ammonia Properties Training:

If necessary, this training would be conducted both onsite and online.

Implementation Schedule Checklist: This audit type document would be developed during the implementation of the PSM/RMP program.  This serves as a checklist to verify completion of each of the required elements of both PSM and RMP.

Development of PSM/RMP Documentation:

This documentation will be organized into 5 volumes as follows:
Volume 1: EPA Risk Management Plan
Volume 2: OSHA Process Safety Management
Volume 3: Training Manual
Volume 4: Operators Manual (includes P&ID’s, SOP’s TOS information, PSI, etc.)
Volume 5: Documentation Archive (completed studies, forms, inspections, etc.)

Online documentation will be linked to the website to be completely current and dynamic.  Change in personnel or responsibility would only require a change to the administrative responsibilities page, saving you from printing out new or revised sections each time a change is made.